Gujarat’s Dhuvaran village meets ODF Plus criteria

Dhuvaran village which is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Khambhat in Anand district of Gujarat has put in place all systems for solid and liquid waste management.  The village has been declared ODF Plus Rising, as per the SBM-G Phase II guidelines.

The village with a population of 8043 individuals is spread across twelve wards and consists of five large hamlets namely Ugamnu Fariyu, Vachalu Fariyu, Athamana Pura, Vallabh Pura, and Ratneshvar area. 

As many as 874 individual household toilets and two community sanitary complexes were constructed during Phase I of SBM-G.  Under Phase II of SBM-G, the village procured vehicles for the weekly collection of waste from households and establishments and constructed a solid waste compost pit.

Furthermore, the entire village has been covered with an underground drainage facility and two community soak pits constructed under SBM-G.  A few households also have individual soak pits. 

A Swachhata Samity was formed in 2022 to promote sanitation awareness.  Over the last few years, they have conducted various IEC activities such as Swachhata Rallies, Swachh Shapath, hand washing exercises in schools, Bhavai (folk theatre) programmes on ODF plus, in addition to ODF triggering exercises by SBM-G staff in the Ratneshvar area.  This has had a good impact on the village community.   

More recently, the village community has been involved in cleaning up of the coastal area, the Dosli Mata temple premises, and the Thermal Power Station area, with the support of youth and NGOs.


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