Women masons, SHGs members trained in toilet & soak pit construction in TN

As a part of Tamil Nadu’s ongoing Namma Ooru Superu (Our village is the best) campaign, currently being implemented across the state, women masons and Self Help Group (SHG) members were trained in the construction of toilets and soak pits during week 3 of the campaign.

The campaign that is being held from 1st May to 15th June 2023 aims to promote safe sanitation practices and cleanliness in rural areas.

The theme for the 3rd and 4th weeks of the Namma Ooru Superu campaign is the engagement of SHG members to create awareness of sanitation and hygiene in households and institutions.  Another key activity during those 2 weeks is the training of SHG members to construct toilets and soak pits.

The Iitikkal Agaram Panchayat in Krishnagiri district has demonstrated an exemplary model in this regard.  As many as 13 SHG members in the Panchayat have been trained that week to construct toilets and soak pits.  The training focused specifically on materials needed for the construction of those assets, such as rings and lids for soak pits, the concrete inspection chamber, and hollow bricks.

The initiative is expected to enable women to sell these materials and improve their livelihood.  Significantly, the activity has led to more SHG members volunteering to receive similar training.  This activity is being supported by the Panchayat Level Federation PLF there, as well as the local SHG group called Prarthana Mahalir Sangam.

In addition, many districts had awareness programmes on source segregation and people were encouraged to take the sanitation pledge to keep their villages clean.

This year’s Namma Ooru Superu campaign is intended to strengthen the State’s progress toward ensuring environmentally sustainable and clean villages. Further, emphasis will be given to the effective management of legacy waste, and achieving the State’s retrofitting target.  It will also include health and welfare measures for workers undertaking sanitation-related works.

While the districts have formed village-level committees to oversee the campaign, the state has called upon all Departments to support the campaign and ensure its success.


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