DDWS releases e-Compendium on LWM technologies

The Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation (DDWS), Ministry of Jal Shakti on 19th November 2022, World Toilet Day released a comprehensive e-Compendium on liquid waste management (LWM) technologies to support States in effectively managing greywater.

The simple technologies that are suitable for rural areas would help villages manage liquid waste generated in kitchens and bathrooms of households and institutions by using the greywater productively and preventing overflow onto the paths or stagnation that can lead to waterborne diseases.

The e-Compendium available on the DDWS website has a compilation of all technologies enlisted in SBM-G Phase II Operational Guidelines, Greywater Management Manual, and the technologies approved by the PSA (Principal Scientific Advisor) Committee, along with relevant and successful case studies received from States/Union Territories.

Among the technologies covered in the compendium are – waste stabilization ponds, constructed wetlands, Phytorid, decentralized wastewater treatment system, soil biotechnology for sewage/effluent treatment, community leach pit; PSA recommended technologies such as Johkasou and Absolute vermi-filter and other technologies like the community horizontal filter system and community vertical soak pit.

While some of these technologies are specifically intended for high water table areas, others are for low water table areas; as also for villages with a population of less than 5000 and more than 5000.

All ground-level implementers and stakeholders are expected to refer to this resource which is a comprehensive knowledge bank on LWM.

In the pipeline are plans for a second e-compendium on liquid waste management that will comprise successful case studies from the field.


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