State-wide MHM campaign underway in Karnataka

Muttina Oggattu, translated ‘It’s my day’ is the name of a state-wide campaign organised by the Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Department (RDWSD) of Karnataka to raise awareness on the vital issue of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) from May 28 to August 28, 2022.

At the outset, RDWSD had advised districts to conduct a series of programmes as a part of the MHM campaign.  This included:

  • Organising a district level programme involving representatives and district officials from all line departments on May 28.
  • Screening of MHM awareness videos published by RDWSD in all government high schools in convergence with the Education Department between 30th May and 30th July.
  • Conducting Taluka level workshops for ASHA workers, Anganwadi teachers and other frontline workers from 1st to 28th August.

District SHP (Sanitation Hygiene Promotion) consultants have been responsible for implementing and documenting all the MHM related activities.  Going by the reactions received so far, the district consultants have been overwhelmed with the huge participation and positive and enthusiastic response from adolescent students of the government schools they have visited as also the general public.

In certain districts, the Departments of Women and Child Welfare and Health have been roped in to organise joint programmes.

Given that all Gram Panchayats in Karnataka have been provided with incinerators, awareness on menstrual waste management and the use of incinerators is also being provided in schools.  Panchayat staff and others in the community have been attending these awareness sessions, that proves beyond doubt that menstruation is no longer a taboo subject. Additionally, in certain districts the district consultants have been taking this initiative a step further, by providing awareness on this subject to working women at their MGNREGA work places.

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