Chhath Ghat constructed in East Champaran village

Ahead of the annual Chhath Puja 2022 that was observed in Bihar from 28th to 31st October, Raj Bakhri Gram Panchayat in East Champaran District constructed a Chhath Ghat in Goirahi Pond of Ward No. 02.  The initiative brought about greater awareness about matters pertaining to hygiene and sanitation during the Swachh Puja celebration.

Chhath Puja is an important festival for the people of Bihar who have a special attachment to the event, so much so that many living outside the state or country on account of their employment; are drawn to their homeland to celebrate the festival.

The district administration used this opportunity to spread the message of cleanliness under Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G) to a large number of people.

Previously, the dilapidated pond was inactive, with people accustomed to throwing their garbage into it, and the pond was filled with weeds and dirt.

Prompted by the District administration of East Champaran, the Mukhiya of Raj Bhakhari GP, Smt. Ramita Verma and the community decided to revive the pond and build a Chhath Ghat, realizing that the move would greatly help to conserve the water source.  An Aam Sabha of the Gram Panchayat was held, during which the community decided that they would revive the pond before conducting the Chhath Puja there. 

Thereafter, a beautiful Ghat adorned with enchanting paintings was constructed after cleaning the pond using SBM-G and Tied Funds of the 15th Finance Commission which amounted to about Rs.5.74 lakhs. To enhance the atmosphere, permanent lamp posts were installed lighting up the place, and devotees at the Chhath Puja were overjoyed.

According to District Coordinator, Mr. Gautam Kumar, the month-long Hamara Swachh-Sundar Gaon campaign completely transformed the appearance of the area, and people visiting the place are delighted as they walk around the area.

Furthermore, the GP has been selected for SLWM interventions in Bihar and is slated to become ODF Plus soon.  Having distributed green and blue buckets to the village community to promote segregation at source in 19 Wards, e-rickshaws and tricycles have been procured for door-to-door collection and transportation of waste to the waste processing unit.

Inputs:  District Coordinator – Mr. Gautam Kumar and District Consultant IEC – Mr. Satish Chandra, East Champaran


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