Mohiuddinpur makes good progress in ODF Plus interventions

Having achieved the ODF Plus Aspiring category with all systems for effective management of solid waste in place, Mohiuddinpur village in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh is making steady progress to achieve the ODF Plus Rising and thereafter the Model category.

The village consisting of 938 households and a population of 6661 was declared ODF in September 2017 after constructing the required number of individual household toilets and a community sanitary complex that is operated and maintained by Sumit, a caretaker appointed by the Lata Valmiki SHG.

The village headed by Sarpanch Vimla Devi takes pride in the fact that the students have access to a library with computer and internet facility; an open gym in the Panchayat Ghar premises and a science lab (Adharshila) set up in the junior high school.  In fact, the GP in 2021 received Rs.9 lakhs along with the CM’s award for its progress.

As far as solid waste management is concerned, as many as 2400 bins – 2 per household were distributed to homes in the GP to promote segregation of waste at source.  In addition, the waste is collected by an e-rickshaw and taken to a segregation shed for further processing including composting, recycling and appropriate disposal of plastic waste.  A user charge of Rs.50 per household per month is collected for this service. 

To manage greywater, the GP has constructed 3 community soak pits that help recharge the ground water table.

The GP is visually clean with no heaps of cow dung or garbage, having ensured that there are garbage bins in public spaces.  IEC boards in prominent spaces display messages about safe sanitation.

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