Firozabad’s Biogas plant generates cooking gas, electricity & bio-manure

The biogas plant in Banipur village of Araon Taluk in Firozabad district of Uttar Pradesh which has been operational since 31st December 2021 provides low-cost cooking gas and electricity to about 8 homes and bio slurry to as many as 21 farmers.

With a capacity of 45 cubic metres, the biogas plant uses about 1.12 tons of cattle dung from the Banipur Goshala (cow shelter) each day.  The plant built at a cost of Rs. 15.57 lakhs under Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen Phase-2, is operated by caretaker Mr. Satyapal Singh.

The technology used is the floating drum which consists of a digester and a moving gasholder. The gasholder floats either directly on the slurry or in a water jacket of its own. The gasholder rises as the gas is collected in the gas drum. If gas is drawn off, the drum falls again. The gas drum is prevented from tilting by a guide frame.

Biogas and slurry are the by-products of the plant. Biogas generated is used for electricity generation and cooking; and the slurry is used as bio-fertilizer.  Biogas is a renewable, as well as a clean, source of energy.  Biogas generators save women and children from the tedious task of collecting firewood, leaving more time for other chores.  Further, cooking on a gas stove, instead of over an open fire, prevents the family from being exposed to smoke in the kitchen and the respiratory problems that it might cause.

A Biogas plant has many advantages. It can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while providing a renewable source of energy that can replace fossil fuels.  Production of biogas is the very essence of a sustainable bioenergy system. The system incorporates a circular economy decentralised production of organic biofertilizer for use in organic farming, and biogas for lighting and cooking purposes. 


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