Sikola Gobardhan plant provides cooking fuel, electricity

The Gobardhan plant in Sikola village of Pathan Block in Durg district of Chhattisgarh provides cooking fuel for the Anganwadi Centre, the Panchayat Bhavan and 5 households, enough to prepare 3 meals a day.

The prefabricated structure measuring 10 cubic metres has the capacity to treat 250 kgs of cow dung per day and is equipped with 3 soak pits for slurry collection.

Dried slurry which can be used in kitchen gardens or agricultural fields is provided to families that provide cow dung, free of cost, once in 15 days.

Biogas is an energy-rich and environment friendly gas, produced by anaerobic decomposition. 

Five other Gobardhan plants are soon to come up in the Patan Block that will make use of agricultural waste, cow dung, and household biodegradable waste and convert it into biogas.

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