Rajasthan SBM-G officials empty twin pit toilet

Demonstrating the importance of sustaining the ODF status and safety in the procedure of emptying a twin toilet pit, officers of Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G) in Rajasthan on October 29, 2021 emptied the dried faecal matter from the toilets of one of the homes in Ratanpura village of Rajasthan.

The vermi compost, also called Sona Khad was removed after more than a year of being filled and left undisturbed.  It was removed by Mr. Parag Chaudhary, head of State Training Management Unit (STMU) SBM-G Rajasthan and Mr. Rishi Mudgal (member – STMU) in a village in Bhoodar Gram Panchayat of Risbdev Block in Udaipur District.

According to District Coordinator, Mr. Arun Chauhan, the emptying of the twin pit toilet was done as part of the Divisional Level workshop on SLRM (solid and liquid resource management) held in Udaipur from 27-29 October.

The dried faecal matter which is a rich fertilizer or manure was thereafter used in the agricultural field.

Head of the household, Mr. Beni Shanker Boagora also assisted in emptying of the pit.  The exercise was a learning experience not only for those attending the training but also to others in the village community, demonstrating that the procedure to empty a pit was simple and could be done by all of them when the need arose.

Around 76 participants comprising of members from the District Resource Group and SLRM consultants attended the training programme organized by the Zila Parishad of Udaipur.

The twin leach pit latrine is easy to construct, use and maintain. It saves water and can be used with less water as compared to other types of toilets. When one of the twin pits gets filled, it can be emptied at household level without any external support or additional cost.

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