Rajasthan organises workshop on SLRM

To accelerate ODF Plus activities and make all the Blocks of Udaipur District in Rajasthan ODF Plus within the year 2021-21, a two-day workshop on solid and liquid resource management was organised on 12th and 13th August 2021.

The practical hands-on workshop was organised in Udaipur by the SBM-G Directorate of Rajasthan with the technical support of UNICEF Rajasthan under the leadership of Dr. T.K. Das, State Consultant, Sanitation-ODF Plus, UNICEF.  Participants that attended the training were engineers, block development officers and other functionaries.

Secretary, Panchayat Raj Department, Rajasthan, Smt. Manju Rajpal attended the practical training and interacted with the participants.  She emphasised the need for the trainers to inform and train all stakeholders such as Sarpanches, Sachivs, Ward Panches, Swachhagrahis and other front-line workers.

Among the topics covered during the training were – Phases of planning and consideration of the major technologies for Grey Water Management such as Waste Stabilization Ponds (WSP), Magic Pits, Soak Pits with slow sand technology comprising filter layers of stones, gravel and sand and soak pits with filters of different sizes of bricks (full, half, one fourth, brickbat), gravel, sand, etc.  These technologies were demonstrated over the two-day training period. 

In Solid Liquid Waste Management, technologies such as NADEP, Vermi Compost on ground, Vermi Compost on HDPE Bed, Pile Composting, Pit Composting, Pot Composting, Rotary Drum Composter, Mesh Wire Composting, composting plastic bucket, etc.  were practically demonstrated. 

Participants were also imparted with knowledge of Carbon Nitrogen Ratio, WSP and significance of BOD and COD.  COD or Chemical Oxygen Demand is the total measurement of all chemicals (organics and in-organics) in the water / wastewater; and BOD is a measure of the amount of oxygen that is required for the bacteria to degrade the organic components present in water / wastewater.

Subsequent practical hands-on training is also being considered for other divisions of Rajasthan.

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