Swachhagrahis share experiences of promoting CAB

UNICEF in collaboration with the Panchayati Raj Department (PRD) of Uttar Pradesh has oriented 15,406 on-ground foot-soldiers of the state on COVID-19 appropriate behaviours (CAB), its containment and management in rural areas beginning from house-to-house surveillance and adherence to the cremation protocols.

The orientation held from 18 May to 4 June 2021 consisted of ten orientation sessions covering all 18 Divisions of the state.  The sessions were chaired by Nodal Officer PRD-UP and respective Divisional Deputy Director (Panchayat) and facilitated by UNICEF and PRD state team. The participants included Swachhagrahis, ASHA, ANM, schoolteachers and district SBM(G) team.

The orientation helped participants to enhance their knowledge on COVID-19 preventive measures and cleared their doubts and existing myths regarding vaccines to prevent COVID-19.  One of the reasons for the increase in vaccination numbers might be due this wide-spread drive towards bringing in positivity and acceptance of the vaccine in the rural areas. The same is reflected in the increase in number of vaccination doses administered per day across the state since 22 May 2021.

After the orientation, Swachhagrahis and other frontline workers took various initiatives in their respective districts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The impact of the orientation and initiatives taken by the frontline workers are as follows:

Ms. Renu Rawat, Swachhagrahi, Hathras district:  As a result of her persistent efforts in sensitizing and motivating the community about the vaccination, the Swachhagrahi, Anganwadi worker and member of a Nigrani Samiti from Nagla Umaid GP in Sasni Block, got herself and 85 others vaccinated.  After clearing myths and doubts that she learnt from attending the orientation organized by UNICEF in collaboration with PRD-UP, she, along with other Nigrani Samiti members has been sensitizing the community on CAB and vaccination.  She sings the song that she wrote: “Manav janam fir mile na mile, tu bacha le ise mere ladle. Mask, sabun se hath dhokar do gaj ki duri ban le mere ladle” translated “Save your human life which you got, by using a mask, washing hands with soap, and maintaining 6 feet distance,” during her door-to-door visits.

Mr. Arvind Singh Chauhan, Kasganj district

The Swachhagrahi from Bahota GP in Ganjdudndbara Block has successfully motivated 54 people to get vaccinated by setting an example of himself getting vaccinated first.  A member of the Nigrani Samiti, he works to raise awareness among the community regarding CAB and vaccination.  He is also monitoring the COVID-19 response activities at village level to curb COVID-19 risk and transmission.

Ms. Soni Devi (Swachhagrahi of Khajuriha Khurd GP and Khajuriya Kala GP); Mr. Harshvardhan Prajapati (Swachhagrahi of Chorha GP and Bariya GP); and Mr. Ramesh Sirvastav (Swachhgrahi of Gurehta GP and Khatwara GP):

Under the leadership of Assistant Development Officer-Panchayat, Mr. Ramlal Mishra ji, the 3 Swachhagrahis worked unitedly to fight the coronavirus pandemic in Ram Nagar Block of Chitrakoot district.  They successfully motivated 400 people in the Block to get vaccinated after consistently sensitizing the community.  As a team they emphasised the importance and benefits of the vaccine, and CAB by playing key audio messages on the loudspeaker, covering each street using ab e-riksha.  They also demonstrated the proper techniques of handwashing using IEC material, even as they regularly monitored the community to see if they adhered to CAB.

Mr. Ghanshyam Verma, Swachhagrahi, Balrampur District:  After realising the importance of vaccination – as the biggest tool to fight against COVID-19, the Swachhagrahi of Parsa Paleih GP in Gasdi Block got himself and his family vaccinated. Leading by example, he motivated 50 others from his village to get vaccinated. Apart from this, he engaged in various activities to curb the transmission of COVID-19 such as promoting hygiene and sanitation, cleanliness of public places, awareness about CAB and vaccination, handwashing with soap demonstrations and monitoring of CAB behaviour in his village.

Mr. Rupkishor Baghel, Gram Pradhan Kasganj district:

The Gram Pradhan of Manpur Nagariya GP in Soron Block after being sensitized thanks to the orientation conducted by UNICEF, made many efforts to curb COVID-19 transmission.  To remove hesitation and pave the way for an easy vaccination process, he organized three vaccination camps and successfully got 300 people vaccinated.  In continuation of his pandemic awareness generation, vaccination promotion, and CAB he used the mobile van and other IEC, and even engaged in handwashing demonstrations and cleaning and sanitizations of public places.  He follows up with regular monitoring. 

*Read entire report:  https://sujal-swachhsangraha.gov.in/node/4256

By:  Ms. Ananya Ghoshal, WASH Officer, UNICEF Uttar Pradesh

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