Kerala’s Vandiperiyar GP produces 1000 kgs of biofertilizer per month

Vandiperiyar Gram Panchayat in Idukki District of Kerala produces around 1000 kgs of biofertilizer that is sold to farmers at a subsidised rate for use in their fields.  The system of using biodegrable waste from households as well as local business establishments to create manure and a small revenue for the village is working well.

Haritha Karma Sena (HKS), the green task force of every local body, is an integral part of the waste management system in the State.  It oversees collecting biodegradable waste from households, shops, hotels, markets, etc.

The biodegradable waste collected is processed as compost in the windrow model aerobic composting unit installed by the GP.  The plant is functioning in the 1000 sq.ft permanent shed, the land having been handed over to the GP by the Bethel estate.  An 11-member HKS consortium oversees the bio manure production unit.

Under the brand name Jaiva Jeevanam, approximately 1000 kgs ofbio fertilizer is being produced in the plant each month.  To motivate this venture, the Panchayat plans to buy 1000 kgs of bio manure from the consortium at a rate of Rs. 25 per kg.

Further the GP has taken up a project to provide this manure to farmers at a rate of Rs. 10 per kg by availing subsidy of Rs. 15 Rs per Kg from the Agriculture Department.  As a result, the farmers will be able to buy good manure at a meagre price as Rs. 10 per kg.  

So far, the GP has already sold 400 kgs of bio manure and is awaiting the subsidy amount of Rs.15 Rs per Kg to be credited to the consortium account.  Local farmers and plantations are also showing interest in the purchase of the manure.

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