11,000 Swachhagrahis promote covid appropriate behaviour in Bihar villages

Bihar has produced animated audio-visual content with comprehensive messages to promote covid appropriate behaviour among the rural population.  Further, it has trained more than 11,000 Swachhagrahis to use the videos to disseminate messages, with a view to curbing the spread of covid-19.

According to Mr. Suman Lal Karn, State Consultant IEC, LSBA, the Swachhagrahis were trained by a 3-tier process where the State team capacitated the District teams by organising zoom meetings and the District teams in turn trained the Block coordinators.  Thereafter, the Block coordinators trained Swachhagrahis both through online and offline meetings.

All the 11,000 Swachhagrahis formed various WhatsApp groups per village, tola, habitation and communities and used the platform to spread messages about safe sanitation and covid-appropriate behaviour.

“At a time, they address 20-25 individuals either by phone or by door-to-door visits, and share important messages using the videos.  In Interpersonal communication (IPC) and behaviour change communication (BCC) led by Swachhagrahis, these videos have been witnessing a great impact, triggering communities to adopt covid 19 appropriate behaviour,” Mr. Suman explained.

This initiative covered 534 Blocks of the State in all the 38 Districts.

These animated video messages have been produced byLohiya swachh Bihar Abhiyan with the support of UNICEF, paving the way for rural community awareness regarding covid appropriate behaviour across the state.

Video 1 – Covid appropriate behaviour:  Protect yourself from novel coronavirus by adopting measures such as staying at home if there is no urgent work outside, wearing masks, maintaining 2 meters distance and proper handwashing.

Video 2 – Importance of wearing masks:  Use masks to protect yourself and others from this deadly virus. If you cannot afford one, make some using a clean towel or stole. Do not use another person’s mask and wash and dry masks in sunlight regularly.

Video 3 – How to make hypo-cloride solution:  Make hypocloride solution at home in a simple, scientific method by using bleaching powder.  Use it to disinfect your home frequently and other things brought from outside.

Video 4 – Importance of hygiene during covid:  Defeat covid and protect yourself by keeping your homes, toilets and surroundings clean.  Disinfect surfaces and regularly clean tanks and toilets.

Video 5 – Waste Management during covid:  Curb the spread of Covid-19 by managing waste at household and community level.  Segregate dry (non-biodegradable) and wet waste (biodegradable) using the blue and green bins.  On the other hand, used masks, PPE kits and medical waste need to be kept in a separate basket and given to waste collectors after 72 hours.

Video 6 – Importance of handwashing during covid:  Handwashing frequently can reduce the spread of covid.  Proper technique of handwashing should be used particularly before food, after using the toilet and after touching exposed surfaces.

Video 7 – Scientific collection of waste during covid:  Describing the scientific way of segregating waste in dry, wet, medical, and hazardous, the video appeals to waste collection staff and swachhata karmis to adopt safety measure such as wearing gloves, face shields and goggles.  Further all garbage bags need to be disinfected with hypochloride solution before collection.

Video 8 – Importance of social distancing during covid:  Maintain 2 meters distance at workplace and outside home.  It cautions against sharing tools or other goods while working as also beedi and cigarettes.  It prohibits spitting in the open and advises cleaning tools with hypochloride solution before and after use.

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