UP trains Swachhagrahis on covid management

In a first of its kind, the Panchayati Raj Department of Uttar Pradesh Government is organising an online mass level training programme for swachhagrahis on the management of covid-19 to curb the spread of the infection, in association with UNICEF.

The highly ambitious training programme is strategized to train more than 28,000 swachhagrahis (frontline sanitation workers) stationed at the village level in the short span of a week’s time and utilise the trained resources as an extended arm of government’s COVID relief force.

The UP government aims to adopt a penetrated approach, dealing with each household in the most interior location, and to disseminate authentic information and provide support through these empowered swachhagrahis.

On the third day of the workshop, more than 500 swachhagrahis from Basti and Chitrakoot Mandals were trained in COVID related precautions and protocols by experts of UNICEF’s Water and Sanitation, Health and Development Technology cell.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Yogendra Katiyar (Nodal Officer, PRD) and conducted by Mr. Sanjay Chauhan (PRD), Ms. Ananya Ghaushal and Dr. Nirmal and Dr. Anand R from UNICEF.  Others present at the event were Mr. Dinesh Singh (Deputy Director, PRD Chitrakoot), Mr. Amarjeet Singh (Deputy Director, PRD Basti) and other eminent officials from PRD and the District administration.

In the introductory session, Nodal Officer Mr. Yogendra Katiyar elucidated the agenda, content, and the anticipated impact of the extensive training to all Swachhgrahis, ASHA workers, DPROs and DDs present at the webinar.  In a quick session, Mr Katiyar briefed about various serious and sensitive issues regarding COVID including health, hygiene, and roles of Swachhagrahis/ASHA workers.  He also touched upon the newly horrifying black fungus disease, funeral protocols, free funeral support by the government and the remuneration provision of Rs 5000 to the COVID victim families by the Uttar Pradesh Government. 

Later, during the valedictory remarks, both the Deputy Directors briefed the audience about the various relief work and schemes initiated by the Government during the COVID pandemic, how to avail their facilities, the challenges faced; and suggested a few measures for improvement.  Narrating the core of Panchayati Raj Department, DD Chitrakoot, Mr Dinesh Singh closed the session reiterating the shlok, “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhin: Sarve Santu Niramaya”. Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu Ma Kashchidduh Bhakhbha Bhavet.”

The Mission Director of the Panchayati Raj has scheduled the training of more than 28000 Swachhagrahis from all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh by 27th May 2021.

The experts in the sector have developed easy absorbing and interactive IECs including audios-visuals, polls, Q&A sessions, and attractive collaterals to train and disseminate the information.

The schedule includes training of:

  • Gorakhpur and Varanasi division on 19th May
  • Ayodhya and Bareilly division on 20th May
  • Basti and Chitrakoot on 21st May
  • Kanpur and Jhansi on 22nd May
  • Aligarh and Prayaagraj on 24th May
  • Agra and Lucknow on 25th May
  • Meerut and Mirzapur on 26th May
  • Murabadabad and Saharanpur on 27th May
  • Azamgarh on 28th May

In this way, the Department very proactively plans to train the work force in a short span of time, aligning with the Chief Minister’s thrust on quick action towards Covid relief.

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