Malyala GP – a model village for effective SWM

Villages in Siddipet District of Telangana are being transformed into clean and green model villages with efficient leadership and public participation.  One among them in Malyala Gram Panchayat in Narayanraopet Mandal which having made tremendous strides in solid waste management (SWM) is a prototype for a model village.

The village of 248 households and a population of 1178 individuals has put systems in place to manage solid and liquid waste management, as a part of Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen Phase II through Palle Pragathi – a novel initiative of the State Government that aimed to bring qualitative changes in the visible cleanliness and quality of life in the GPs.

During the Palle Pragathi sanitation drive, as many as 488 out of 499 Gram panchayats in Siddipet District have constructed segregation cum compost sheds and have started utilizing them.  Moving forward, many of the villages at the forefront have started making their villages beautiful and clean with innovative ideas. 

Solid waste Management:  A compost cum segregation shed was constructed in this GP in September 2020 in convergence with MGNREGA and the Special Development Fund (SDF).

Source Segregation: As a first step towards managing its waste, the Panchayat has provided two types of dustbins to every household with stickers on each bin, listing dry and wet waste items. This is intended to encourage people to segregate waste at source.  Towards this, various awareness building activities were carried out in the GP, including interpersonal communications (IPC) and behaviour change communication (BCC) campaigns, the meetings conducted with the support of SHGs, youth.  Focused discussions were also organised with target groups such as the MGNREGA labour group.  Kalajatha shows performed in all the GPs went a long way to drive home key messages.

Collection and processing of wet and dry waste: Under the Palle Pragathi programme a tractor with partition in the trolley was procured.  This vehicle goes to every household to collect wet waste five days in a week and dry waste every Tuesday and Friday.  Thereafter, the collected waste is transported to the segregation cum compost shed near the village, where the waste is emptied.  While the wet waste is processed into compost in the shed, the dry waste is sorted and stored for selling to recyclers.

Till date around 18 quintals (18000 Kgs) of organic manure have been produced, out of which 10 quintals were used in plantations within the village.  The balance 5 quintals have been stored for distribution to households with an aim to encourage kitchen gardening.

Effective use of plastic waste: With the support of the youth and children, the segregation cum compost shed has been beautifully decorated with plastic waste materials such as bottles and tires to sensitize people about reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic waste.

Kitchen Garden: To provide additional support to the sanitation workers and their families, a kitchen garden has been established in the premises of the compost shed.

Raising Hens: During the process of vermi composting, it is common for insects and pests to breed in and around the compost beds.  While some of them are highly compatible with worms and help break down foods, others might pose a serious threat to the worms.  To control the growth of such pests, hens are being raised in the shed.   Sanitation workers can avail of the eggs from the chickens.

Innovative by-product of wet waste – eggshell powder: Since eggshells cannot be used in vermi composting, the GP has come up with an innovative idea to make eggshell powder from the eggshells collected from the households and the upper primary school where a mid-day meal programme is being implemented. For now, the eggshell powder is being utilized for flower-based plants in the village park located near the compost shed.

The GP recently received the Sa Shakti Karan awards in the sanitation category.

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