Vemulavalasa GP has declared itself as ODF Plus

By way of a Gram Panchayat resolution, Vemulavalasa GP in Anandapuram Mandal of Visakhapatnam District in Andhra Pradesh was declared ODF (Open Defecation Free) Plus recently.  The GP has been able to sustain its ODF status, is visually clean and effectively manages its solid and liquid waste.

As per the guidelines issued by the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Jal Shakti, an ODF Plus village is one that is visually clean, maintains it ODF status and has in place arrangements for solid and liquid waste management.

IHHL and CSCs:  The GP has 850 households of which 832 have their own individual household latrines (IHHL).  The remaining households make use of the 3 community sanitary complexes (CSCs) which have separate toilets for men and women made accessible to them.  In additional, all government buildings such as the schools (2), Anganwadi Centres (2) and Panchayat offices (2) are equipped with washrooms. 

Solid Waste Management:  The second most important feature of Vemulavalasa GP is its Solid Waste Processing Centre (SWPC) where the waste collected from households and the daily market is processed.   Following the principle of segregation at source, the waste that is collected is sent to the SWPC for further processing.  Waste is stored in Nadep pits for about a month.  Under this method, composting takes place in a rectangular brick tank with aeration holes. Organic material is added in layers and compost is ready in almost 3 months.  Machinery such as incinerator are used for medical and menstrual waste, plastic shredders for shredding plastic waste, which is thereafter sent for use in road construction, etc.

Liquid Waste Management:  Community soak pits have been sanctioned for Vemulavalasa GP for effective management of liquid waste from houses.  Currently liquid waste from every house is channelled into drains.  These drains will soon lead to the soak pits which will be constructed shortly.  Proposed site for the soak pits has been identified.

Visual Cleanliness:  The village is cleaned and maintained 24/7, thanks to the Green Ambassadors and village volunteers.  These personnel are paid through the waste collection fee charged from every household.

IEC Wall Messages:  Key sanitation messages to generate awareness about the importance of segregation of wet and dry waste and to keep surroundings clean and about safe sanitation messages have been portrayed on wall paintings done at various public spaces.  These messages constantly remind residents of the need to keep their village clean.

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