How Jogampet sustains its ODF Plus status

The Solid Waste Processing Center (SWPC) of Jogampeta village in Golugonda Mandal of Visakhapatnam District in Andhra Pradesh comprises of 6 Vermi compost pits and 15 Nadep pits that help process waste from all the 408 households of the village within a stipulated period.

The waste from this village that has a population of 1864 individuals is collected from all households daily by specially appointed Green Ambassadors.

These activities help sustain the status of the ODF Plus declared village which has 4 Piped Water Schemes, one high school, one elementary school and two Anganwadi Centres.

Visual cleanliness:  A walk through the village and one will notice that the village is visually clean.  Not only are the roads cleaned every day; waste – both biodegradable and non-biodegradable is collected from households by the Green Ambassadors and taken for processing to the SPWC.

Individual Household Latrines:  All 408 households have their own individual household latrines – that ensure that the practice of open defecation is a thing of the past.  This has contributed to the health and wellbeing of the community; and has prevented contamination of drinking water sources.

Wall writings and paintings:  To create awareness about safe sanitation practices, key sanitation messages have been painted and written on walls in various public spaces.  This reminds the public of the need to keep their homes and surroundings clean and green and to use waste bins to throw their garbage.

Community soak pits:  To ensure there is no stagnation of water anywhere in the village and to help recharge groundwater, as many five community soak pits have been proposed.  Sites have been identified for the same.

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