SBM-G Rajasthan receives SKOCH Silver Award

Swachh Bharat Mission Rural Rajasthan was awarded the SKOCH Silver Award and Mission Director Vishwa Mohan Sharma was awarded a citation at a virtual ceremony on February 21, 2021.

On the occasion, Additional Chief Secretary, Shri Rohit Kumar Singh of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Department congratulated the Swachh Bharat Mission Rural and all its officers and employees of all branches of the Department.  The award can be attributed to mutual support, team spirit, and is considered a result of synergy, effective monitoring and public participation.

Instituted in 2003, SKOCH Awards salutes people, projects and institutions that go the extra mile to make India a better nation. The SKOCH Awards cover the best of efforts in digital, financial and social inclusion, encompassing the best of governance, inclusive growth, excellence in technology and applications, change management, corporate leadership, corporate governance, citizen services delivery, capacity building, and empowerment among others. 

Rajasthan had declared itself open defecation free (ODF) in March 2018.  It was a great achievement for the State considering the large number of toilets that were built in a time bound manner.  There were a few challenges which the state faced during and after declaration of the ODF status with regard to technological aberrations in twin pit technology and the large number of single pit toilets constructed.

The Swachh Bharat Mission Directorate has acted on the crucial gaps identified in a time bound manner and facilitated large scale retrofitting workshop and made the required corrections on the ground.

In addition, the State has ensured adequate capacity building initiatives at large scale for the resource groups at state and district levels.  Local leadership in achieving ODF was facilitated by BDOs and VDOs with effective IEC and SBCC on demand creation of toilets and their sustained use. The state has also promoted construction of community toilets so as to ensure that no one is left behind.

The State is now making great strides to achieve ODF Plus status which includes effective management of solid and liquid waste.

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