New life for village pond in Gurdaspur, Punjab

Around Rs.14.48 lakh was spent to renovate a mucky pond in Kotli Bhitewad village, situated in Dera Baba Nanak Block of Gurdaspur District in Punjab.  Free of garbage and water hyacinth, the pond has now been transformed into a beautiful lake that attracts tourists.

“We were worried about the pond as it was filled with water hyacinth.  The community has been very worried about the dirty pond that was contributing to vector borne diseases.   Now we are happy that we have succeeded in giving new life to our village pond,” the village Sarpanch said.

Located on the outskirts of the village that is home to 334 households and a population of 1964, the pond was a nuisance owing to its bad odour.  Commuters and the village community alike dreaded the thought of passing by the pond. 

In search of a solution, the village community approached the District Administration and were told that it could be renovated under the Smart Village Scheme and MGNREGA.  Thereafter, a system was put in place to manage liquid waste using the Thapar Model WSP (waste stabilization pond) technology.  Happy that a new asset was being created in their village, the community extended full support.

As far as operation and maintenance of the asset is concerned, the Gram Panchayat has framed an action plan, committing towards regular operation and maintenance.

The community has been guided and encouraged to utilize the treated water from the pond in their agricultural fields.

Inputs: Ms. Sevya Sharma, Community Development Specialist, DWSS 

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