Innovative IEC efforts under SBM-G in Meerut

IEC is an extremely important component of any behaviour change initiative which should lay the basis for its successful implementation.  It needs to be formulated and executed in a manner that would have a triggering effect, promoting willing construction of sanitary facilities and maintenance of a clean environment in the village. 

Gearing up for SBM Phase – II:  Various IEC and capacity building initiatives are being taken under Sujal-Swachh village and rejuvenation training under Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G) in Meerut division of Uttar Pradesh. Capacity building at periodic intervals has helped villagers to use and maintain their toilets in the villages.

Under SBM-G, rigorous training was given the students of Bahroda Primary School in Kithor village.  This hands-on training covered: the importance of drinking clean water, menstrual hygiene, and need for segregating solid waste at source.  Issues like importance of water conservation and the role of school children in water and sanitation were also covered. Stationery, sweaters, shoes, etc. were distributed to the school children during the campaign.

Strengthening key stakeholders:  The team also activated the Water and Sanitation Committee and Monitoring Committee and made them aware of their powers and responsibilities. (B/S)

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