Udaipur’s CSCs are disabled-friendly

Equipped with ramps and handrails in addition to proper ventilation, electricity and water supply, the Community Sanitary Complexes (CSCs) built in Udaipur, during the Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G) campaign Phase II, can be used by all people, at any time.

According to CEO-Zila Parishad, Dr. Manju, as many as 698 CSCs were constructed in the current year of which 351 were geotagged between 15 June and 15 September 2020, as a part of the Samudayik Shauchalaya Abhiyan (SSA). 

Participation in SSA:  Ahead of the construction of CSCs, the District Collector, CEO-ZP along with their teams engaged in dialogue with the local community to create a demand for the CSCs and at the same time enlisting contributions both financial and non-financial from local community leaders and village level institutions.

It needs mention that ever since the pandemic struck, around 1,64,016 individuals returned from neighbouring states.  They needed the use of CSCS, as well as the alternative employment building of the same, would provide until they could return to their places of work.  CSCs were sanctioned to cater to them too even as the due focus was given to the usage of toilets, given the COVID-19 situation.

The CSCs built were inspired by the tribal culture and designed as per their preferences, before handing over to their Gram Panchayats, so that people would use them and keep them clean. The CSCs which are managed by the GPs, cater to migrant and floating population as well as the community.

Semari Block:  Semari Panchayat Samiti (PS) is a tribal block located 80 KMs from the district headquarters.  It has a scattered population, many of whom live on the hillocks.  A sizeable population go as migrant labourers to the nearby cities for employment and return every few months for rest.  To cater to this segment of people, CSCs were built in all the 26 Panchayats.   Further, during the SSA, CSCs were constructed in all 97 revenue villages of the Block.  Even though construction was difficult because of the rough terrain, the CSCs built were well designed and attractive and completed in record time.  Happy with the facilities, the people supported the project and began to use them.  The GPs have a system in place to clean and maintain them. 

Sarada Block:  This is another tribal Block, which has scattered habitations consisting of 34 Gram Panchayats, 127 revenue villages and several hamlets.  A small segment of the population goes to neighbouring towns and States for labour.  Employment Pattern of the region being seasonal, involving petty jobs and errands involving unskilled labour; it has resulted in a dynamic habitation and housing patterns during different months of the year.  To convince the local population about the need for CSCs was a challenge.

Even though all households had their individual household toilets, well designed and attractive CSCs were constructed to cater to the floating population, with the support of natural leaders.  The community is using the CSCs now and maintaining them too.  Of the 111 CSCs constructed in the Block, 63 were constructed during the SSA.

Upla Amda GP in Phalaysia Block, Udaipur:  This is a recently formed GP with 99% of people belonging to the tribal community.  Many of them are engaged in agriculture and a large number of them go to neighbouring Gujarat or Udaipur city as migrant labourers.  Situated on hilly terrain, the GP has no mobile network.

Initially, the district officials faced challenges to convince the community about the need for a CSC.  However, owing to the efforts of Sarpanch Shri Tulsi Ram Garasiya and Village Development Officer who are also from the tribal community, the people were convinced.

Construction in such difficult terrain was the next challenge but that did not hinder the community.  In fact, the CSC was completed in record time.  To make the facility attractive,  so that people would use it, a professional painter was hired to use vibrant colours and create traditional motifs and paint key sanitation messages across the walls.

A few volunteers with the support of the Sarpanch and VDO are taking care of its upkeep.  After water supply and lighting was organised it is now being used by people.  The CSC built on the roadside of this GP is so attractive that people stop by to see the facility.   

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