Maharashtra nominates Nashik, Satara & Kanhalgaon for SSSS competition

Nashik SSSS3

For the nationwide Swachh Sundar Samudayik Shauchalaya (SSSS) competition organised under Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G), Maharashtra has nominated Nashik District, Satara Block in Satara District and Kanhalgaon Gram Panchayat (GP) in Lakhandur Block of Bhandara District.

Organised by the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation, SSSS is a people’s campaign that supports the construction, painting, and maintenance of community toilets.   The purpose was to ensure that toilets are made available in public areas of rural India, particularly for the floating population and migrant labourers.

Nashik District:  Under SBM-G, Nashik had constructed over 5 lakh individual household toilets.  Further, it had constructed community toilets in public places to provide access to sanitation to the floating population.  During SSSS competition, special focus was given to painting, repair, and maintenance of community toilets – both the 117 public toilets constructed under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and 262 public toilets constructed under various other schemes in Nashik district.  Gram Panchayat funds were used for maintenance and repairs.


Satara Block: For the SSSS competition, Satara Block constructed 7 new Community Sanitary Complexes (CSCs).  Earlier, the Block administration had overseen the construction of 341 CSCs with 1023 seats in 194 GPs.  During the SSSS campaign period, all 341 CSCs were painted with attractive slogans and pictures.

Most of the CSCs have been built in habitations belonging to backward communities, bazaars, public spaces and near temples that see the congregation of many pilgrims and floating population.  The CSCs are being maintained by the Gram Panchayat which has designated workers to take care of operation and maintenance of the facility. Regular cleaning is done by the households using them.

During the current lockdown, CSCs are being cleaned twice or thrice a day using hypochlorite solution. Additionally, IEC has been used to inform the community to maintain personal hygiene and practice safe sanitation behaviour to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Kanhalgaon GP in Lakhandur Panchayat Samiti:  To cater to the hundreds of people that gather at the weekly market at Kanhalgaon as well as other visitors to the GP, public toilets were built with the help of the grant received under SBM-G.  The facilities feature separate toilets for men and women, a washbasin, and urinals. For the competition, key sanitation messages promoting hygiene and safe sanitation were painted on the walls along with brilliantly coloured pictures.

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