Samastipur to get 1,524 CSCs


Having fixed a target of constructing 1,524 community sanitary complexes (CSCs) across all its 20 Blocks, the district administration of Samastipur in Bihar is making certain that no one is left behind without access to sanitation.

Of these 1,524, as many as 53 CSCs have been completed, according to District Coordinator, District Water and Sanitation Committee-Samastipur, Mr. Dayanand Prasad.  The balance will be completed by end September 2020, he said.

All the CSCs will be located either in habitations belonging to SC or Backward communities or in public spaces such as the market, temple etc.

The following table lists the number of CSCs planned for each of the Blocks:

Sl.No. Name of Block Number of GPs Number of CSCs
1 Samastipur 26 104
2 Tajpur 16 64
3 Morwa 18 72
4 Khanpur 19 76
5 Sarairanjan 23 92
6 Pusa 13 52
7 Warishnagar 20 80
8 Kalyanpur 31 124
9 Rosera 16 64
10 Hasanpur 20 80
11 Bithan 13 52
12 Shivajinagar 17 68
13 Singhiya 17 68
14 Bibhutipur 29 116
15 Dalsingsarai 16 64
16 Ujiyarpur 28 112
17 Vidyapatinagar 14 56
18 Patori 17 68
19 Mohanpur 11 44
20 Mohiuddin Nagar 17 68
  Total 381 1524

The free-for-use CSCs cost about Rs. 2 lakhs to construct.  They will be maintained by the committee appointed by the users, the District Coordinator informed.

Running water and electricity will be provided in all CSCs built using the twin pit model.  Further, given that a 500-litre tank is being constructed for every CSC, there will be adequate water.  Each CSC will have two units – one for men and one for women, each having 2 toilets and 2 urinals with a washbasin outside.

The DC assured that all safety precautions such as masks and sanitizers as well as social distancing are being practised to curb the spread of COVID-19.  Further, IEC is being used to sensitize the entire community about protection measures to keep them safe.



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