All efforts to ensure 100% sanitation coverage: CDO Azamgarh


The district administration of Azamgarh which is situated on the banks of Tamsa River is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that all people in the district have access to toilets and that no one is left behind without access to sanitation.

A team comprising of district officers and members of the Nigrani Committees, led by Chief Development Officer (CDO), Mr. Anand Shukla are currently going from village to village to identify homes without toilets.

According to the CDO, about 1-2 per cent of families in every village have been left out, owing to certain problems – either because they belong to a floating population or because they have been left out of the baseline survey.

“This exercise is to ensure that no one is left behind,” he said.

Officers are even giving notices to families that are reluctant to build toilets when they have the means to do so.

If they find homes without toilets, the family members are motivated to construct toilets.  At other homes, the importance of adopting safe sanitation practices is underlined; particularly by all members of the family and at all times.

A workshop was held on 20th February for all Pradhans and Secretaries of Panchayats to apprise them of the activities that should commence to ensure toilet access and usage.   The importance of geo-tagging, sustaining ODF status and leaving no one behind was stressed upon.

Azamgarh4Other topics covered were – the need to have community toilets in common places such as markets, temples and public spaces; commencement of ODF Plus – solid waste management, plastic waste management, liquid waste management, faecal sludge management, etc.

Meanwhile, work pertaining to solid and liquid waste management has commenced.  A target has been fixed for about one lakh soak pits of which 26,000 have been completed.  Plans are in the pipeline to make compost pits and plastic dumping pits in convergence with MGNREGA.  The district administration is keen to meet the 31st March deadline to complete all works.


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