Rice for plastic waste in Ambala

plastic waste

The Deputy Commissioner of Ambala, Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma has launched a scheme by which rice is offered to the public in return for plastic waste.  The move came soon after the Municipal Corporation of Ambala in Haryana had banned the use of single use plastic across the district.

As per the official data, the scheme has yielded positive results going by the change in behaviour of people in terms of collecting, segregating and recycling waste.

Ahead of the campaign, collection centres were established in four places across the city.  Through public announcements and notices, people were made aware of the harm caused by plastic to humankind, wildlife and water bodies.  Those notices appealed to be people to curb use of plastic, particularly single use plastic and bring their plastic waste to the collection centres in return for rice.

Right on the spot, people were given rice according to the weight of their plastic waste.

During the campaign, 15 tons of plastic waste was collected, and the same amount of rice was distributed.  People from the economically backward sections were grateful for this gesture.

Plastic collected was sent to the Chanderpur Renewable Power Co. Ltd, at Mullana which would use plastic waste as raw material to produce electricity.

The Deputy Commissioner informed that the main goal for running the campaign was to ensure that the entire district of Ambala is single use plastic / polythene free.  While reducing pollution levels, the initiative would also help improve the health of the communities.  He hopes that this dream project would make Ambala clean and beautiful.


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