Saharsa’s park shows how to reuse plastic waste

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-09 at 17.08.03

The district administration of Saharsa in Bihar has set up a demonstration park that advocates the need to reuse plastic waste.  An ODF (open defecation free) initiative, the park shows how plastic can be reused creatively in gardens to improve aesthetic appeal of a place.

A walk through the colourful park shows plastic waste being used as pots or to set up vertical gardens.  The message propagated is to stop dumping plastic waste.

According to the District Coordinator (DC) of Saharsa, the ‘Reuse Plastic Waste Garden’ was created by the Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G)/Lohia Swachh Bihar Abhiyan (LSBA) in Saharsa to make people aware of the 3R concept – reduce, reuse and recycle concept under Solid and Liquid Waste Management principles.

“We wanted people in Saharsa to reuse plastic instead of dumping it,” the DC explained, adding that different ways of reusing plastic were demonstrated in the park.  The objective was for people to be aware of the harmful effects of plastic waste and how it can be controlled.

India has a massive plastic waste problem.  Of the 95 lakh tonnes of plastic waste generated per annum, 38 lakh tonnes is uncollected (mainly single use plastics (SUP)) which ends up in dumps, rivers and even our animals. Ganga and Brahmaputra are among the 10 most plastic polluted rivers in the world.

Alarmingly, all this plastic comes back to each one of us:  While a whopping 6 lakh tonnes enters the sea annually in India; micro plastic particles are found in bottled water and table salt and open burning of plastic waste causes respiratory ailments.  Moreover, plastic consumption is expected to double by 2022, significantly increasing the waste.

During Swachhata Hi Seva 2019, there was awareness generation about the need to curb use of single use plastics across towns and villages; preparation for collection and disposal of plastic waste and shramdaan for general swachhata between 11th and 1st October, 2019.  On 2nd October, there was a nationwide shramdaan for plastic waste collection and segregation; and between 3rd and 27th October, districts and states organized recycling and effective disposal of the collected plastic waste.

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