Community Sanitary Complex in Tarora Kalan helps sustain ODF status


The Community Sanitary Complex (CSC) in Tarora Kalan village of Patiala district in Punjab is open round the clock, ensuring all sections of the village have access to a safe and sanitary toilet facility at any time.

Constructed in 2016-17, the CSC comprising two toilets – one for women and the other for men and two urinals which are also used by larger families that have just one toilet for their entire household, according to Executive Engineer, Mr. Gurpreet Singh, Division No 2, Patiala.

Centrally located, the facility is accessible to all people in the village with provision for washing hands.  In addition, it is used by passersby and participants of public gatherings, thereby eliminating the practice of open defecation completely.

Significantly, the availability of adequate sanitation access helps maintain dignity, social status, privacy and safety, while improving health and reducing mortality rate. It has also led to reduction in incidence of drop outs in schools, particularly girl students and hence has aided in the improvement of literacy rate of the village, the Executive Engineer said.

PatialaWhile operation and maintenance of a CSC is seen as a major problem in most villages, in Tarora Kalan, it is jointly done by Gram Panchayat’s Water and Sanitation Committee and the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sports Club that is located in the village itself; ensuring the upkeep and timely maintenance of the facility.

Effective signage such as wall paintings has been used to make people aware of the need to use toilets and to refrain from defecating in the open in the village that is home to about 150 households and a population of 750.

The CSC was built at a total cost of Rs two lakhs; with the Centre contributing Rs. 1.2 lakhs, the State Rs. 60 thousand and the community Rs. 20 thousand.

CSC Tarora Kalan has supported the village community in ending open defecation, thus achieving the goal of universal sanitation coverage, and providing a hygienic and healthy living environment.


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