Tea gardens having best compliance with SBM are honoured

The tea gardens of Manohari and Harishpur in Dibrugarh district of Assam were felicitated by the Chief Minister of Assam at the Shramik Kalyan Divash held at Kotalgoorie Tea Estate Field in Mariani of Jorhat on 23rd November, 2019.

The two tea estates were awarded for best compliance with Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen in terms of not only becoming open defecation free (ODF) but ensuring ODF sustainability.

According to Mr. Bhaskar Jyoti Samman, Executive Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) and Member Secretary, District Water and Sanitation Committee (DWSC) of Dibrugarh, the two tea gardens, after becoming ODF started ODF plus activities.  Work place toilets in plantation area, bathing enclosures, effluent treatment plants to treat waste water from factories, vermi-composting units, etc., are among the interventions successfully implemented in the estates.

With 100 per cent sanitation coverage and toilet usage, systems to manage solid and liquid waste including menstrual waste and water harvesting, the tea estate of Harishpur in Dibrugarh district of Assam which employs more than 1000 workers is a model tea estate in every sense.

Manohari Tea Estate on the other hand is Assam’s first Gaon Panchayat (GP) based solid waste management plant and the first central composting plant set up to improve sanitation, waste management, and to promote conversion of waste into resource.

The Chief Minister of Assam felicitated representatives of both the tea estates on Shramik Kalyan Divas.

ODF Plus encompasses:

  • ODF Sustainability includes sustaining behavior change for safe sanitation; leaving no one behind and addressing gaps; constructing community toilets for floating populations and organizing refresher training for all grassroots functionaries.
  • Solid and liquid waste management (SLWM) includes bio-degradable waste management; plastic waste management; grey water management and faecal sludge management.



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