Women CRPs accelerate sanitation campaign

Women CRPs

The district administration of Mahabubnagar in Telangana has equipped and appointed 11 women community resource persons (CRPs) in various Gram Panchayats (GPs) to accelerate Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G) campaign and make the district open defecation free (ODF).

The primary task of the CRPs is to motivate village communities at the field level and convince them of the need for toilets and to undertake construction of individual household toilets (IHHL) within their homes.

Initially, as many as 15 women who had previously worked as CRPs in Uttar Pradesh and returned to their own state were mobilized, their former experience in similar capacity standing them in good stead.  They were assigned their own villages and those surrounding them, to gradually cover 8 mandals (blocks).

Orientation was conducted at IKP Bhawan, Mahabubnagar on 14th February, 2019, after which 11 women agreed to work as CRPs:  P. Anjamma (Masaipally GP of Narayanpet), Sharada (Vennacher GP of Mahbubnagar), M. Bandamma (Vennacher GP of Mahbubnagar), Y. Anjamma Hanumanpalli GP of Narayanpet) K. Jyothi (Makthal GP of Narayanpet), Y. Anitha (Makthal GP of Narayanpet), K. Narayanamma (Kozgi GP of  Narayanpet), B. Padma (Peddarenuvalli GP of Mahbubnagar), M. Ratnamma (Narayanpet GP of Narayanpet), Naseema (Ganneeru GP of Mahbubnagar) and Haimavathi (Narayanpet GP of Narayanpet).

Each of the CRPs was given a target depending on the incomplete IHHLs in their own villages, the total target being 2263 IHHLs.  Thus far, they have contributed to convincing families to build toilets, each of them in different stages of progress, be it marking of location for twin pit toilets, digging pits, or completing entire toilet structures.

Outcome:  Officials says that progress has increased considerably when compared to before appointment of CRPs.  Importantly, the project has provided an alternative livelihood for women; enabling them to use their former experience.  On the ground, awareness of safe sanitation has increased, thanks to the CRPs.

The district administration is in full support of the CRPs and intends to ensure their even spread across the districts of Narayanpet and Mahbubnagar until sanitation coverage reaches 100%.

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