Bhojpur shop owners to promote toilet usage

tea stall in bhojpur

Tea shop owner called Junglee who runs ‘Junglee ki Chai’ tea shop in Garhani block of Bhojpur in Bihar greets every guest that visits his stall.  However, he also enquires of them about their sanitation practices, wanting to know if they defecate in the open.  Weird as that may seem, he has no intention of serving tea to those who defecate in the open.  This is his way of ensuring that all residents of his neighbourhood and block use their toilets regularly.

Guests who are denied tea at his facility while brushing aside the treatment meted out to them have the opportunity to contemplate on the larger good the practice of using toilets would bring about in terms of sanitation while contributing to the health and well being of the whole community.

Junglee had been paying plenty of attention to the Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G) campaign.  Convinced about the need to follow safe sanitation practices, he is aware that even one person defecating in the open would put members of the entire village at the risk of faecel oral route to transmission of disease.  He is determined to do his part of promote the campaign and make his whole village open defecation free.

His strategy has impressed the district administration which now wants other shop owners to follow suit.  It could be a successful method to bring about the required behavior change.

In the meantime, the district administration is making plans to set up public toilets in market places to cater to shoppers.

(Inputs:  Nikhil Singh, ZSBP-Bhojpur)


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