Torch light rally in Dularpur

Torchlight rally

A torch light procession was undertaken in Dularpur village of Kurkri Panchayat in Bihar’s Bhojpur district on the evening of 13th December, 2018, to give a boost to the Lohia Swachhata Abhiyan.  The procession held under the leadership of Deputy Development Commissioner (DDC), Mr. Shashank Shubhanker saw the participation of large numbers from the village community.

The procession went through all the lanes and by-lanes of the village, ending on the main road. All Swachh Bharat Mission Grameen (SBM-G) officers and elected representatives of panchayat who joined in the procession advised people to refrain from defecating in the open.

Thereafter, during the door to door campaign, the DDC informed people about the advantages of building and using toilets in their homes.  Among the officers present were Mr. Nirmal Yadav, Mr. Manu Kumar, Mr. Vijay Kumar, Mr. Nikhal Kumar (Zila Swachh Bharat Prerak), all Block Development Officers (BDOs) and the Gram Pradhan.

The DDC also directed the BDOs to complete construction of balance individual household toilets in the village and directed them to provide financial incentives to those who had already built their toilets, without any further delay.

Sanitation coverage of Bhojpur in October 2014 was around 32%.  As on 3rd December, 2018, sanitation coverage has increased to 84.13% and the target for the district to become ODF is 31st December, 2018.  So far, under SBM-G, as many as 1.8 lakh toilets were built across the district, leaving a balance of about 50,000.  It is to accelerate toilet construction and to ensure that those who had toilets use them that the rally and other IEC activities are being undertaken.


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