ODF-S in Seraikella-Kharsawan

Seraikella Kharsawan3

Seraikella-Kharsawan District in Jharkhand which was declared ODF on July 16, 2018 has now increased focus on measures to ensure sustainability by making certain that all communities use toilets at all times.  In this regard, Swachhagarhis have been employed to take up swachhta issues at every household in the panchayats assigned to them.

Use of colour coded stickers on the homes is an initiative carried out by the community themselves.  It has been an important part of self-monitoring which is done with the help of the Panchayat mukhiyas and the swachhagrahis.  Under this, colour coded stickers are displayed at household levels.

While a green sticker denotes homes that regularly use toilets; yellow sticker is for families that sometimes use a toilet; a purple sticker for ones who have built a toilet without taking government incentive; a black sticker stands for families who can afford a toilet but have not built one; and a red sticker denotes that the family does not use a toilet and continues to defecate in the open.

Under this mechanism, the community keeps a check of whether the family defecates in the open or uses the toilet available at home.  It encourages everyone to use a toilet and acquire a green sticker.

The Block Development Officer of Kukru has also started a supportive mechanism to urge people to use toilets.  He has gifted toilet equipment such as mug, bucket, brush for cleaning and maintaining the toilets to those who use toilets regularly so that others can also learn.  Toilet usage is checked with the help of block coordinators and swachhagrahis.

As far as geo tagging is concerned, the district has completed 92.35% of the task, with the swachhagrahis playing an active role.  The motivators have put in unprecedented efforts to complete geo-tagging in 130 panchayats along with inter personal communication (IPC) on sanitation issues during house visits.

Conversion of dysfunctional to functional IHHL has been completed for 9201 toilets as on date which amounts to 99.61 %.

Source:  Avinash Kaur, Zilla Swachh Bharat Prerak, Seraikella-Kharsawan, Jharkhand 


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