How swachhata is ensured in Tinsukia’s tea gardens


A start-up project named Divija has been formed in Tinsukia district of Assam to ensure hygiene and sanitation in the tea gardens and forest areas.  The team led by ZSBP-Tinsukia and UNICEF consultant includes women masons, adolescent girl groups, youth club members to attend to all sanitation related matters, including awareness building and solid and liquid waste management.

As far as sustainability initiatives are concerned, Tinsukia which will be declared open defecation free (ODF) in November-December 2018 has commenced various IEC and IPC activities in convergence with line departments.  1st and 2nd ODF verification is also being carried out and will be completed by 31st October, 2018 of the ODF villages.

Owing to manpower shortage, just 83% of geo-tagging has been completed.  The district administration hopes to complete the activity over the next two months.

Having identified 4800 dysfunctional toilets, re-verification is currently underway by district officials.  In this regard, Tea Garden Management Committee has been approached to work alongside the district administration to repair defunct toilets in tea gardens as per Plantation and Labour Act.

Further, at least one swachhagrahi per GP has been recruited, comprising of officials from ICDS department, college students and NYK team to help with IPC activities.

A few households have been left out of baseline survey and the list has been sent for approval to the State.  Significantly the district has received Rs 3 crore from CSR fund of Oil India.

Considering that Tinsukia has the highest number of tea gardens, the “Jhoomoor dance”- a dance form of the tea tribes has been adopted to spread messages on WASH and Nutrition in the tea gardens.  In addition, women and adolescent girls together perform short plays and skits on Swachhata.  Also, cartoon movies on WASH and Sanitation are shown in the villages so that children learn, sing and get the message.

Tinsukia       Tinsukia4


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