Shramdaan – community engagement overcomes hurdles


When the block development officer (BDO) of Bero block in Ranchi of Jharkhand visited certain villages during the weekend, he noticed that toilet construction work had halted owing to heavy rains.  All the material was stacked up about 800 metres from the Nadi Toli village of Ghaghra Panhayat where several toilets had to be built.

Mr. Kisko Kumar Besra, the BDO realized that the job needed an added push.  He mobilized the community and got their support to engage in shramdaan.  He along with others in the Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin team and representatives from UNICEF village Mukhia and panchayat sewak rolled up their sleeves and began carrying material using a locally used conveyance system called behenge.

A behenge comprises of a bamboo with two baskets hanging on either end, which the person places on his shoulder to carry material of any sort.

Seeing the officials at work, the community too joined in.  With enthusiastic support of so many volunteers, all beneficiaries soon had their building material ready to start construction.

The BDO proved that SBM needs Shramdaan and community engagement to complete any taskat hand.

(Inputs: ZSBP-Ranchi, Abhishek Singh)


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