A toilet makes life easier for Madashi Gouramma


Madashi Gouramma, the wife of Uppalaiah lived in Chennaraopet Mandal, of rural Warangal District of Telangana.  Having been widowed earlier, the mother of four sons had just a ramshackle hut to her name.   That neither of her sons took any time or effort to help her was another cause of her misery.

There was a lake nearby to which she and others from the village would go each morning or evening, while still dark, to answer nature’s call.  That was the practice followed by many of them for ages.  The same water was used for various other purposes.

When the Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin team carried out a survey of the village, they registered her name.  The teams also carried out several triggering exercises, convincing people about the need to follow safe sanitation practices; and awareness building sessions on building toilets and using them for the health and well being of their community.

Thereafter, the Village Sanitation Committee assisted her to construct a toilet.  It was a twin pit toilet that affords her all the privacy she needs.  She is happy and humbled with the facility they have provided for her just outside her house.  It seems like a godsend.  She wouldn’t have to wake up in the dark to find a secluded spot any more.

(Inputs from ZSBPO-Warangal)


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