Ranjit Singh is wise beyond his years

Ranjeet - Mamodan, Baseri photo

During his school assembly one morning, 12 year old Ranjit Singh from Talra village in Mamodhan Panchayat in Baseri Block of Dholpur District in Rajasthan heard about the problems associated with defecating in the open and the need to use toilets.

He was perturbed about the transmission of diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid etc through the fecal oral route.  Most worrying of all was the safety of his sister who like him went out to answer nature’s call.

Having been orphaned earlier on, Ranjit lived with his uncle, aunt and younger sister.  As he pondered over what he learned in school, he went up to his uncle (his father’s younger brother) and suggested that they get a toilet at their home.  Not surprisingly, his uncle refused, saying he could not afford it.

In the days that followed, the thought of a toilet never left his mind.  He felt he had to do something to take care of his little sister and her needs.

Fortunately, Ranjit received a monthly allowance under the Palanhar scheme of the Rajasthan government that is provided to orphan children.  With the knowledge of his uncle, he saved a certain portion of his allowance every month until he had enough to build a toilet.

The boy was delighted with the new toilet that the local mason built.  The whole family could use it and he was sure that their health and safety was now taken care of.


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