Swachh Eid in the offing for Nuh District


With a view to celebrating a Swachh Eid that falls on 25th June this year, the district administration of Nuh in Haryana has asked all its cluster officers to put in extra efforts towards making their respective clusters open defecation free (ODF) as soon as possible.

“We want people to celebrate a Swachh (clean) Eid this season,” Deputy Commissioner of Nuh District in Haryana, Mr. Mani Ram Sharma said.

In this regard, the administration has taken the support of preachers (Maulvis, Maulanas, Muftis and Imams) in all mosques of the district.  Currently, announcements are being made in mosques during Zumma which is a congregational prayer that Muslims hold every Friday.  Moreover, they will spread the message of Swachhta (cleanliness) to create awareness about cleanliness and hygiene which in turn will contribute to a clean environment.  This will be done through an appeal asking people to adopt good sanitation practices.

Further, all the 80 cluster officers have scheduled visits at least one mosque in their cluster each day, ensuring that all mosques in their cluster are covered.

Considering that the Government of Haryana is planning to declare the whole state as open defecation free by 21st June, 2017, the Deputy Commissioner said that district administration would try to reach the ODF status well before that date.

He further added that although district administration has made commendable progress in its ODF campaign, they decided to leverage the opportunity provided by month of Ramzan.   In addition, all village sarpanchs along with Nigrani Samiti members have also been directed to make regular inspection visits and take strict action against those still defecating in the open.

According to him, even poor people in the district have constructed toilets in their houses using their own funds to make clay or jute walls.  Under the circumstances, he is confident that the district will be ODF ahead of the scheduled date.


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