Anil Kumar’s marriage is called off as his home did not have a toilet

The residents of Jaraba village in Churchu block of Hazaribagh district earned their living by gathering forest products and agriculture. Earlier all people in the village which is located about 22 kms from the district headquarters defecated in the open.  It was common to see dirty water overflowing onto the paths and heaps of garbage at every corner that contributed to various diseases. The economically backward family of Sukar Mali lived in this village.

Sukar Mali’s son, Anil Kumar Malakar was engaged to Jyoti Kumari from Mathadih, Domchanch block of Koderma, as per tradition on January 18, 2016.  Anil and Jyoti saw each other for the first time that day.   After the engagement ceremony, Jyoti wanted to look around the house. When she saw that there was no toilet facility, she was shocked.  Thoroughly dismayed, she asked Anil’s father about a toilet facility.  In response, he said that the whole village went to the river bank to bathe and defecate.  No one had a toilet facility in their home.  On hearing this, Jyoti called off her marriage.

Father of the groom who lived with his two sons and three daughters, one of who was married, resolved to set right the situation.  He met with the Mukhiya (Village Water and Sanitation Committee) and got all the information about construction of toilet. Within 8-10 days he constructed his toilet. After the construction he received the incentive amount of Rs 12000 and the family of Sukar Mali is now proud of their toilet at home.

Today, Jaraba panchayat is considered an ‘Adarsh Panchayat’. A total of 850 IHHL were constructed to make the Panchayat ODF with the participation of community.  In addition, all basic amenities have been provided by the district administration and other welfare measures for the betterment of the rural communities have been initiated.



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