A toilet makes life worth living for Anisha Bano


Anisha Bano (26) lost the use of both her legs during childhood, owing to polio.  This made her life more challenging.  As it was a struggle to move about, she was unable to participate in most of the childhood activities which others of her age group enjoyed. The toughest of all activities for her was, having to go outdoors to perform her ablutions.

Daughter of Md. Ramjan Miya, Anisha lived with her family in Churchu gram panchayat of Hazaribagh, a district that saw several insurgency related incidents.  Located 22 kms away from the district headquarters, the remote village was set amidst mountains and forests.

When the Swachh Bharat Mission campaign started in the village, Anisha heard about the incentives provided by the government to build toilets.   She was excited and felt it was an answer to all her problems. She convinced her parents to build a toilet for her at home.  With the incentive of 12000/- provided, her parents built an Anisha-friendly toilet for their daughter.

No longer did she have to struggle to reach the open defecation site, no more worries about insects, snakes, wild animals or rain.  Neither did she have to wait for the cover of darkness to relieve herself. The facility of toilet at home brought great happiness and cheer into her life.

In due course, as many as 8000 individual household toilets were constructed across the entire Churchu block.  Anisha contributed a lot to bring the desirable behavior change in her village.  She had a tricycle on which she went around her colony, village and the entire gram panchayat advocating to people, particularly the children and women on the need to use toilets regularly. She is also convincing them about good sanitation practices and the health benefits they would bring.  Her contribution to make her village, panchayat and block ODF is remarkable.

Above all, she did not forget to thank the Honorable PM for making her dream come true.  SBM-G has contributed to a turnaround in her life.  She urges everyone to involve themselves in the clean India campaign that would not only contribute to an open defecation free country but also general well being and economic benefits.



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